The Archaeological Finds of the Future

"The mysteries of feminine power and energy have changed little over the centuries, even with our knowledge of science, physics and chemistry, but the symbols of those mysteries have been transformed by today's goddesses, through the ritual worship of their sacred possessions.
When these iconic, once treasured artefacts from the last three centuries are unearthed, a thousand years into the future, the myths and legends of our goddesses will be revealed."

Jan Fairbairn-Edwards
Installation at the Gallery St Ravy, Montpellier, France 2006
106 x 32 cms
Reliefs in abaca and cotton fibres
57 x 80 cms 57 x 80 cms
98 x 77 cms 98 x 77 cms
19th Century 20th Century 21st Century
Museum Drawers.
Dimensions 26 x 35 x 18 cms. each drawer.
Flax paper-clay, plants and clothing.